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What Matters to Me Guide

This activity allows students to interpret the questionnaires they’ve completed and introduces them to new vocabulary that describes values.

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After completing the What Matters to Me questionnaire (Survey: What Matters to Me), use this guide to help you interpret your results. Copy your results—how many T’s you scored for each group—onto this sheet to make it easier to find your answers.

In general, the higher your score, the more important this value is to you. In other words, if you got a 3 or a 4 out of 4 in a particular group, this value is probably something that is pretty important to you. If you got a 1 or a 2 out of 4, this value is something that is less important to you.

Read about the groups for which you received a 3 or a 4.

REMEMBER: There are no right or wrong answers!

Teacher Notes

  • Distribute six 5x7 index cards to each student
  • Ask students to call out which words they circled and write them on the board. Conduct a class discussion in which students look for the definition of the word from contextual clues or from actual definitions provided in the text. Ask students to provide their own examples of what they think the word means.
  • Tell students to read the other categories that they scored a 3 or a 4 in, and circle any unfamiliar words. It is very important that they understand the terminology that describes what they value. Next, tell students to write each unfamiliar word on an index card.
  • Put students in groups of three or four. Have them help each other to come up with what each word means, and write that definition on the other side of the index card. Circulate around the room, offering assistance and checking to make sure students have come up with correct definitions. If they can think of examples, they should write those down as well.
  • Have each group share the terms and definitions they wrote down on their index cards. Tell the rest of the class to see if they chose the same term, and if they came up with the same definition. If not, what did they think the word meant? Use this process to ensure that everyone has correct definitions chosen for each term.

Assessment Notes

Completion of worksheet

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