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Working Slobs Activity

Explore the connection between pride and one’s job.

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Read the story, Working Slobs and as you do, circle words or phrases that give a picture of Tom's pride in his job.


  • “not afraid of high places”
  • “admiring grin”
  • “he’s a good worker”
  • “the highest honor”
  • “I miss the company”
  • “I remember the pride”
Teacher Notes

Tell students that they’re going to read an article by a construction worker who is dealing with issues that many of them might one day face, regardless of the job or career they choose. A major theme of the story is pride-- pride in oneself and pride in one’s work. Refer to the vocabulary definition.

Ask a few of these quick questions:

  • Do any of you have family members -- or know anyone -- who works in construction?
  • If so, what have they said about their job?
  •  What kind of skills do construction workers have?
  • What kind of education or training is required?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of working construction?

After students read, go around the room and ask each student to name one word or phrase that (s)he circled, without repeating anything that has already been said.

Focus the discussion on the word pride by asking these questions:

  • How was pride important to Tom?
  • How important do you feel it is to have pride in your work?
  • Can you be successful if you don’t have pride in your work?

Ask students to think about Tom and identify which of the jobs on The ENDLESS JOB LIST he might like and which he might be unhappy doing? Have the class imagine the perfect job for Tom, one he would be proud of. Remember that he no longer wants to jump around on icy beams, but that he does ache to work hard.

Endless Job List Strategies:

Large sheets of paper which can be taped together, rolled up, transported, and unfurled will work well for the Endless Job List.  Some other suggestions are: 

  1. Hold a competition between small teams.  Assign each team marking pens of a different color to add to the Endless Job List for a given period of time.  The group adding the most jobs to the list wins a prize.
  2. During the activity, give one student a whistle and have him or her blow it each time a new job is mentioned.  Have someone add the job to the Endless Job List at the sound of the whistle. 
  3. As the students refine their own career interests, have them record on the Endless Job List the jobs they are interested in.

Assessment Notes

Completion of worksheet

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