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Personal Beliefs

This activity allows students to reflect on how their beliefs can influence career choice and where they choose to work.

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You are going to begin to examine your beliefs by taking a stand about statements related to the world of work. For this activity you will hear a series of statements and after each is read you will move to the posted sign "Agree" or "Disagree" that reflects your belief. If you are unsure, you may stand somewhere near the middle. There is no right or wrong answer. Be honest and don't worry about how others are voting.

Teacher Notes

For each statement, after everyone has taken their place, allow time for a few students to explain why they are taking that particular stand. You want students to express their positions freely, but there are two rules: 1) no put downs and 2) anyone has the right to “pass” or remain silent—but you encourage everyone to feel comfortable sharing with the group.  It is most important that they:

  • Reflect on the statement to evaluate and express their own feelings about it
  • Listen carefully to each other to share and discuss  their beliefs
  • Accept the right of others to hold beliefs that may be  different from their own

If all (or the vast majority of students) take one position, you should play ‘devil’s advocate’ to be sure that the other side is heard and considered. As students explain their positions, make it clear that you support their courageous behavior in standing up for their beliefs.

Encourage students to modify their “vote” and move to another part of the room if they hear something from others that causes them to change the way they feel about a statement. Make it clear that it is okay to change one’s mind based on new information or a new way of seeing an issue. Throughout life, as we gain new knowledge and experiences, we may shift our beliefs.

On some topics, it may be appropriate to share your own beliefs. But, it is important to make it clear that your beliefs are “right” for you but are not necessarily” right” for others.

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