Career Awareness/Exploration // Researching Careers
Using the Internet for Research

This activity introduces students to basic internet research skills and focuses on the importance of seeking legitimate and reliable online resources.

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Complete the worksheet to take notes on how to do effective research using the internet after reading the Using Internet for Research document.

Teacher Notes

Before this class period begins, review Interactive Presentation Notes and Instructions: Using the Internet for Research. It may be helpful to print the resource out; it contains suggestions for activities to accompany particular slides.

Determine the citation format you want students to use. If you do not have a preference, consult with the English/Language Arts department about their preferred format.

Have students read through Worksheet: Using the Internet for Research, so that they will know what information to look for in the presentation. Also remind them to keep their true/false responses in mind as they watch (or read).

Show the presentation (or have students refer to the reading). Use the suggestions in Teacher Resource, to stop at key points and conduct brief activities with the students. This will help students understand the content and help to keep them engaged with the material.

Once the presentation is complete, revisit the true/false questions. For each one, ask for a show of hands to see who thinks the statement is true and who thinks it’s false now that they have seen the presentation. Share the answers from the “Answer Key” section of Teacher Resource. Use this time to clarify any misconceptions.

Assessment Notes

Completion of worksheet

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