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Road Trip Nation Stories

This activity introduces students personal stories they can use to learn about preparation for college and the world of work.

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Read the handout, Hollywood Superstars, and think about what the message is. Participate in a class discussion.

Turn to the handout, Readings from Road Trip Nation and while the story, "Last-Second Shot" is read aloud, follow along and underline 5 keywords or phrases that communicate the essence of the story.

Think about the stories and people you learned about today. Write down one meaningful lesson that you learned that will help you after high school.

Teacher Notes

Then lead a group discussion around following two questions:

1. What advice would this person give you for success in college? For example, appropriate responses might be:

  • “Nothing just happens”…you have to take responsibility for yourself, show up every day, and know you can do it.
  • “Each of us has a wonderful talent inside us”, so think creatively about what you want to major in…don’t limit yourself to what others think you should do or what you did in the past.
  • “Sure, there is going to be struggle”, but stick with it, and maybe look in new directions for assistance, e.g., find a professor who can advise you or seek direction from a club or study group.

2. What advice would this person give you for success in the world of work? For example, appropriate responses might be:

  • “You always have to help your teammates”. How you treat people can make a huge difference in how far you go in a career.
  • “Go for the gold” (which is what Phil Knight meant when he said, “you could go all the way here, if that’s what you wanted.”)

Read the Remaining Stories

  • For the rest of the stories, divide the class into pairs or groups of 3-4 and assign one story to each group. Ask them to:
  • Individually, read the story and underline 5 key phrases
  • With their partner(s), compare the 5 key phrases and pick the two most important to report to the class
  • Ask groups to answer the two questions in step #2 above and pick one to report to the class
  • Point out to students that the text in the box at the beginning of each story provides an introduction to that story’s author and should be read first.
  • Give each small group time to read and then report-out on their story to the whole class.
  • Conclude the discussion by summarizing some of the advice that you feel is most important for your students to remember.

Assessment Notes

Completion of worksheet

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