Career Awareness/Exploration // Researching Careers
The Career for Me

This activity allows students to explore careers that they are interested in pursuing and to understand their skill set in the context of the careers that they want to pursue.

Suggested Grade Level



Approximate Time Needed





Think of 3 careers that you are interested in and write them on 3 separate index cards. On the back of each card write what you think you would enjoy about that career.

Conduct internet research about the 3 jobs that you are interested in.

Teacher Notes

Begin with a check-in question:

  1. What is the difference between a job and a career?

  2. What do you want to do as a career? Why?

Have participants share what they wrote on their index cards and get into groups based on common themes.  (Some themes may be: Food industry, design, Computers, etc.)

Have students with similar career interests work together as a group for the next activity.

Give participants the Career Exploration handout and explain they will be doing. some research to find out more about the careers they are interested in.

Give students 30-45 minutes to do some internet research about the 3 jobs that they are interested in.

Have each group report back about one of the careers.

Debrief Questions:

  • Based on what you learned in your research, of the three careers, which one would be the best for you?

  • Did any of the information surprise you? Why?

  • Did you change your mind about any of the careers? Why?

  • Did you learn anything about the career that you did not know before the interview?

  • What skills do you already have that would help you to be successful in one of those careers?

  • What skills would you need to build to be successful in one of these careers?

Assessment Notes

Three career cards filled out.

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