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Researching the Organization

This activity allows students to demonstrate how to answer research questions using print or internet materials that they have collected.

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Knowing how to do research to find accurate information is a life-long skill particularly critical for getting into and succeeding in college.

Turn to the Researching the Organization handout and review the points about research at the top of the page. Conduct online research to find out the answers to as many of these questions as you can. While you are doing your research, make note of other interesting information about the company and list other questions that come up. There may be questions that you can't find answers to, but you will learn more during the Career Exploration Visit.

Teacher Notes

Review the questions:

  1. What does the organization do?
  2. Who are the customers/clients of this organization?
  3. How long has the organization been in business?
  4. What are some of the jobs at this organization?  
  5. How large or small is the organization (# employees, # people served/year, etc).
  6. How does the organization incorporate new and emerging technology?
  7. Other questions that you choose to add

Demonstrate how to find the answer to one of the questions using print materials that you have collected and/or the internet.

Tell students they can do this individually or in pairs and record their answers on their worksheet.

Tell students that while they’re doing their research and taking notes, they should also:

  • Make notes about other interesting information they learn
  • List some of their own questions that come up
  • Skip questions that they can’t find answers to.

After about 15 minutes, tell the group to stop their research. Review their answers to each question.

Assessment Notes

Completion of worksheet

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