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Making Predictions

This activity allows students to make predictions about what they expect to observe and learn during the career exploration visit.

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Turn to the handout, Making Predictions and answer the questions about what you think you will find on the CEV.

Teacher Notes

  • Definition. Ask students what the word prediction means. Note: the prefix Pre = before. “Dict” is derived from the Latin meaning “to say”. Predicting is saying something before it actually happens.
  • Types of Predictions. What kinds of predictions do we experience daily? Possible answers: will it be sunny or rainy? Is the stock market going up or down? Who will win the Grammy for Best Male Vocalist? Will the Oakland Raiders or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers get to the Super Bowl? Who will be elected President?
  • Jobs Involving Predictions. If there is time, you could list the numerous actual jobs where the main task is to make public predictions, such as weather forecaster, political analyst, (and add to ENDLESS JOB LIST, if you have already started it In the Career Development Workshops).
  • Making Predictions. Now have each student write his/her predictions in the Guide on the page, Making Predictions. Give one of your own predictions to model the type of responses you expect (For example, “I expect to see the chef using lots of new equipment in the kitchen. “ Or “I expect to see people using state-of-the-art, high-tech video equipment.”)
  • Sharing Predictions. Call on a few students to share their predictions. Tell students that they’ll revisit these predictions after the visit.

Assessment Notes

Completion of worksheet

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