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Questions for the Career Exploration Visit

This activity allows students to learn and practice the skills to make a professional and favorable first impression.

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In your group, turn to the Questions, Questions, Questions handout as well as the expanded version of the Skills for Success from the last session. Review the questions together. Each group should select 5-8 questions that you want to ask on the visit. You may write them down on the Interview handout and bring that with you on the visit.

Based on your practice today, write down one thing you need to work on or improve to be "professional" during the career exploration visit.

Teacher Notes

Have students get into their groups for the visit and turn to Questions, Questions, Questions in the Guide and the Career Academy Skills for Success from the previous workshop.

Review the questions as a whole group and check for understanding. Give the groups time to select/write the questions they want to ask.

Tell them that each group should have 5 to 8 questions ready to ask. They can pick questions from this list or dream up their own, based on their research and predictions.

Have students write their questions on the bottom of the page or on a separate sheet of note paper which they will bring with them on the visit.

Assessment Notes

Completion of worksheet, Questions, Questions, Questions, with 5-8 questions selected.


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