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Draft a Thank You Letter

This activity introduces students to tips and practices for writing thank you letters.

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In this activity, you will write a thank you letter to the company host or to the individual employee hosts with whom you spent time. The recipient of the letter will depend on the structure of the visit or a specific individual at the direction of your teacher.

Begin your draft thank you letter to your visit host or employee. Review the tips, sample format and checklist.  As you draft your thank you letter, refer to the following for ideas: your reflections and the Skills for Success.

Teacher Notes

Ask students when they last received or sent a thank you letter. Elicit some responses and conclude with the question: What happens when you send or receive a letter of appreciation?

Possible responses could be:

  • The sender will be remembered positively

  • The recipient will be proud of what they were being thanked for

  • The potential for a continued relationship is established.    

Do a quick read aloud of the Tips for Writing Thank You Letters and ask for any comments. Conclude the discussion of tips by asking if these apply to both handwritten and email letters of appreciation.

Quickly review the Sample Thank You Letter Template and instruct students to use it as a guide as they write their own letters. If you have developed the assignment together with the English teacher, give students any additional requirements of the assignment, including the Thank You Letter Checklist.

As students finish their drafts, ask them to swap with a partner and ask for suggestions. They should use the checklist provided to guide their review.

Students will revise their letters based on the peer feedback checklist and type them on the computer as you circulate and review. These final copies are to be turned into you at the end of the workshop.

Assessment Notes

Complete Thank You letter


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