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From the Horse’s Mouth

This activity allows students to explore careers that they are interested in pursuing and to understand their skill set in the context of the careers that they want to pursue.

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Take out your career cards from the lesson The Career for Me.

In groups, think of questions to ask of the following:

  • Parents
  • Relatives
  • Friends of the family
  • Neighbors
  • Community members at a church or community organization
  • CEV (Career Exploration Visits)
  • Presenters

You will select 1-3 people that are in careers you are interested in and conduct career interviews using the Career Interview Template.

Teacher Notes

Requires the career cards from the lesson The Career for Me (Researching Careers unit).

  1. Explain that sometimes we think that we want certain careers based on what we may have seen on TV or heard from other people, but the only way to know whether you want to do something is to actually do it or talk to someone who does.

  2. Give each participant 3 copies of the career interview template and explain that they are going to do career interviews.

  3. Explain that each participant should find 1-3 people that are in the careers they are interested in and interview them.

  4. Have participants get into groups of 4-5

  5. Within each group, have participants take turns sharing what career(s) they are interested in, and brainstorm as a group various people they could reach out to for

Have groups think of the careers in their network of and come up with questions for the individuals they will interview.  At the next session, have students share the information that they got out of their interviews.

Assessment Notes

What was learned from the interviews?


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The purpose of this task is for students to demonstrate proficiency in a professional interview. This should be seen as an opportunity to practice demonstrate professionalism and interviewing. The purpose of a “mock” interview is to provide students with clear expectations for success and provide him/her with feedback prior to a “real” interview for a job, internship, etc.