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Introduction to Job Applications Activity

This activity helps students make connections between a want ad and the information provided in a job application.

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This activity will introduce you to job applications by reviewing the attached job ad and application and identifying the key sections of the application.  You will look at a student example and determine what aspects are specific to this job and what you would need to look up or research if you were to apply to this job.

Teacher Notes

Divide the class into groups of four or five and distribute the Pet Supply Store Job Ad handout. Ask students to identify specific elements of the ad, for example, what are the requirements for this job? How can someone apply? When was this job posted?

Once students are familiar with the ad, explain that they are going to take a look at what one high school student submitted when she applied for this job. Distribute copies of Example Student Job Application (separate Word file). Explain that this is a copy of the application for this job, filled out by a local high school student. Ask students to review the application in their groups. As they look it over, they should discuss the following questions, which may be posted on the board or a sheet of chart paper:

  • What are the sections of the application?
  • Are there any parts of the application that you think are unique or specific to this job? Explain.
  • If you were going to fill out this application, what information would you need to look up or research?

Give students a few minutes to review the application. Then discuss the questions as a class. The sections of the application are clearly labeled (Applicant Information, Education, etc.). The “Knowledge and Skills” section is specific to this job because it asks for detailed information about the applicant’s pet knowledge. Many applications have a knowledge and skills section, but they wouldn’t necessarily ask about pets or pet knowledge. Student answers to the last question will vary, but it’s likely that students might need to look up their social security number, get permission to list people as references, or find addresses of schools or businesses.

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