Internship // Preparing for the Internship
Internship Application

This activity introduces students to internships and how they differ from jobs and allows them to begin the internship process.

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For the class discussion:

Take a look at the handout, Internship Flyer. Turn to the Frequently Asked Questions on the last page. Read the question(s) assigned and be prepared to:

  • Read the question
  • Explain the answer in your own words
  • Tell why the question is important

Remember to show the flyer to your parents/guardian.

Look at the Application Form and follow along. Everyone must complete the application and return it, even if you are not able to do an internship.

Teacher Notes

Give students a copy of the ECCO Internship Student Flyer. Tell them that this information will help them—and their parents/guardians understand what an internship is all about. After you review the first page of the flyer, turn to the Frequently Asked Questions on the back. These are critical to understanding the ECCO internship.

Divide the class into small groups and assign each group to read one, two or three of the nine questions. Then give each group time to make a short presentation to the class:

  • Read their question(s)
  • Explain the answer in their own words
  • State why the question is important

Tell the students to take their flyer home to their parent/guardian.

Distribute the Application Form and review it with the students. Tell them when it is due back to you.

Tell students that you want everyone to complete the form. If some students are not able or not interested in doing an internship this summer, they will explain this information on the form. Everyone needs to return the form with their parent/guardian’s signature.         

Answer students’ questions and let them know you are available to address individual issues or concerns after class, after school, or whenever it’s convenient. 

Assessment Notes

Completion of Application

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