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Making a Good First Impression

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Part 1: First impressions

Consider the following list of “firsts”:

  • first day at a new school
  • first day of practice with a new team
  • first time you meet your girl/boyfriend’s family
  • first day on a new job
  • first job interview

Select and event and take 3 minutes to jot down what you felt before and after this event and whether you tried to make a good first impression. Share with a partner and take a minute to share your thoughts.

Part 2: Elements of a good first impression

Starting an internship or a new job is nerve-­wracking even for the most experienced and successful people. Read the First Day on an Internship handout. In pairs, identify what makes you nervous about starting your new internship, and what things you might do to prepare for making a solid first impression. Refer to the Just a Feeling chart as you think about your feelings on the internship.

Part 3: Practice making a first impression

You have arrived on the first day of their internship. Take turns saying hello, introducing yourselves, and shaking hands. You may also add something personal, such as: “Hello, my name is_______________ . I am so excited to be here! Thank you for hosting me!”

Take turns being the interviewer. The interviewer will select a question from the cup and read it aloud to the other partners in the group. The Interviewees will take turns answering the question. Try and be as creative as possible in answering the questions.

What were the elements of a strong professional first impression that you observed?

Assessment Notes

Completion of Just a Feeling handout

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