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First Week on the Internship Scenarios

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Look at the handout, First Week on the Internship… Scenarios. There are two scenarios provided. Complete the in-class activity the scenario selected by your teacher and answer the questions, and then do the same individually for the other scenario. As you answer the questions, feel free to refer to the Just a Feeling handout.

Teacher Notes

From handout, First Week on the Internship… Scenariosselect one of the scenarios for your students to read and then individually answer questions #1 and #2. Remind them to refer to the Just a Feeling handout.

Now ask the class: If you were the supervisor, how would you respond if this is what your intern did? Would the intern’s response make a good first impression? If, so why? If not, why not? Call on two or three students who have not participated actively up to this point in the seminar. (Tell students they should expect you to call on them throughout the class—you will not just be calling-on students who raise their hands!) Popsicle sticks with students’ names in a jar is helpful in making sure all students are called on equitably. Removing the stick and placing in a different jar after a student is called on.

Assessment Notes

Completion of First Week on the Internship Scenarios handout

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