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Appropriate Responses to Information Overload

Have you ever felt frustrated because you were given more information than they could possibly remember? This is called “information overload” and it can happen on the first day or first week of a new job, starting at a new school, or beginning a new class.

Mastering all the new information in the first day or even the first week is an unrealistic expectation. Look at the handout, Information Overload and fill in the chart.

Question #1:

A. What behaviors or feelings can result if an intern receives too much information too fast?

B. What are appropriate responses to receiving too much information?

Question #2:

A. What behaviors or feelings can result if a new intern does not receive enough information to do the job properly?

B. What are appropriate responses to receiving too little information?

Teacher Notes

Provide students with a personal example of when you felt overwhelmed by receiving too much information. Discuss what feelings came up for you, and how you responded. Facilitate a class discussion based on the Information Overload handout. Offer the following suggestions if they are not mentioned:

Too Much Information:

Behaviors/Feelings: Intern might stop listening or start interrupting inappropriately

Appropriate Responses: Intern could take notes; ask the supervisor to slow down; or ask for clarification

Too Little Information:

Behaviors/Feelings: Intern might feel confused, helpless, or fearful

Appropriate Responses: Intern could explain how they are feeling and why; ask a supervisor for additional information; or ask a co-worker for more information.

Pose this final question for a group brainstorm:

  • What can you do during the first week of your internship to remember and organize the “glut” of information you’ll get?

Examples include:

  • keep notes
  • restate information when it is given
  • memorize names by creative associations (Rachel has red hair, Devon has dimples)
  • observe which co-­workers seem most welcoming and willing to answer questions

Assessment Notes

Completion of Information Overload handout


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