Internship // Completing the Internship
Checklist Task: Final Checklist for Concluding Your Internship

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By the end of your internship, you should have the following:

  • Updated resume
  • Their own business cards
  • Letter of recommendation from their supervisor
  • Business cards and contact information for their supervisor and co-­â€workers
  • Copy of the thank you letter sent to their supervisor
  • Work products, e.g. photos, PowerPoint presentations, computer discs, videos, written work, recordings, spreadsheets, etc. 
Teacher Notes

Remind students that many of these are too valuable to lose and it’s a critical skill to organize all of their important documents so that they can find them when needed. This is why it’s important to keep a digital portfolio. Suggest that they make photocopies of all their important papers, especially if they are going to be going to interviews as many site hosts and employers require hardcopies. Ask for other reasons they might want a friend or relative to keep duplicates of these documents. (hurricane, tornado, fire, mischievous younger brothers or sisters, dog ate it, etc.).

Assessment Notes

Final checklist

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