Internship // During the Internship- Stress Management
What Stress Looks and Feels Like

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Option 1:

Create a drawing of what it feels like to be stressed out.  This can be a drawing of a person or of a place or thing, or an abstract of colors and lines with words surrounding it.

Option 2:

Create a collage using magazines to show what it feels like to be stressed out.

Look at the Stress Responses sheet and identify 1 primary and 1 secondary way you respond to stress. Find your peers that have similar stress responses and brainstorm and what strategies you use to manage your stress.

Teacher Notes

Distribute colored pencils or markers and drawing paper. Ask students to create a drawing of what it feels like to be stressed out. You may want to list some of the words and phrases on the board for guidance. Allow about 5-­10 minutes for the drawing and then ask for volunteers to share. Record on flip chart or board their descriptive words for stress. Post their creative work.

As an alternative, you may choose to provide magazines and have students create a collage that represents stress in their lives.

Pass out the “stress responses” sheet. Have students read through the responses and identify one primary and one secondary way that they respond to stress. Post each of the stress responses around the room, and ask students to move to the area most aligned to their response. In the stress response groups, have students brainstorm how they manage stress. What strategies do they use to manage their stress? Ask groups to share out their strategies.

Assessment Notes

Illustration/collage of how you respond to stress

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