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Rants and Raves Activity

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What makes a good and not-so-good customer service experience? Look at the handout Rants and Raves: Customer Service Stories and discuss your reactions to one of them.

Share a personal rant and rave. Think about a time in your life when you have been a customer (e.g., in a restaurant, with the cell phone internet provider, at a store where you shop). What kind of experiences have you had? What made your experiences positive or negative?  

Answer the following questions:

  1. Where is empathy evident in your examples of good customer service?
  2. How does empathy help customers, even if they don’t go away satisfied?
Teacher Notes

As students describe their experiences, you may want to offer one example from the list below or a personal story to model the type of responses you expect from the interns.

Examples of positive experiences:

  • The cell phone salesperson knew a lot about different kinds of phones and helped you get a great, but not expensive, phone.

  • The waitress at the restaurant realized service was slow so she gave you a complimentary dessert.

  • You returned a shirt that was the wrong size and the salesperson called around to other stores in the region to find the right size.

Examples of negative experiences:

  • The salesperson was talking on his cell phone at the same time he was waiting on you.

  • The receptionist at the doctor’s office didn’t even look at you while checking you in.

  • You tried to return a pair of pants that ripped right after you bought them, but the salesperson would say nothing but “we don’t take returns at this store.

Refer to definition of empathy, located in ECCCO Resources when discussing personal experiences.

Conclude by reading one of the other rants or raves from the worksheet.

Assessment Notes

Empathy responses

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