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Be an Active Listener Activity

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Refer to the Be an Active Listener handout during this activity.

Teacher Notes

This lesson should follow 10 Rules for Good Customer Service.

Tell students you want them to practice active listening (Rule #4 of the 10 Rules for Good Customer Service). Give them the following background:

Active listening is a structured form of listening and responding that focuses the attention on the speaker. It is not simply understanding what the other person is saying, but letting the person know you heard what he or she said by asking questions, showing genuine interest, being empathic and being fully engaged.

Active listening has several benefits

  • It forces people to listen attentively to others.

  • It lessens the chance of misunderstandings.

  • It encourages the speaker to open up and talk freely.

Present the information on the handout, Be an Active Listener. If you have time, you can divide the class into three groups, with each group taking one section of the handout to read and explain to the class.

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