Internship // During the Internship- Workplace Diversity
Diversity in the World of Work Research Assignment

This activity introduces students to multilingual skills and cultural knowledge and the practice of workplace diversity skills.

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Pick one of the three listed research assignments:

  1. Describe an incident of a cultural conflict that you either observed or experienced at your internship, or one that someone told you about.
  2. Interview a co-­worker of a different ethnic background (or different from you in another significant way).
  3. Visit a store where you regularly shop (e.g. clothing, music) and take a look around at the workforce. Do you see people of different ages? Different ethnic backgrounds? Different skin color? Different sexes? Employees with disabilities?

Write up your observations addressing the following questions:

  • Why do you think this store does or does not have a diverse workforce?
  • What effect might this diversity or lack of diversity have on customers?
  • Do you observe any unusual ways that customers are treated?
  • If you owned the business, what would you do differently in terms of diversity?
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