Internship // During the Internship- Job Satisfaction
Job Satisfaction Research Assignment

This activity provides students with an opportunity to explore what is satisfying about their internships, either through personal experience or the experience of a colleague at the internship site.

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Complete one of the two research assignments: Read the two stories provided on the next page.

  1. Then write your own story about your internship job in the same conversational style. Use humor and creativity. Be prepared to read it out loud next week in class.
  2. Create a questionnaire about job satisfaction. Be sure to include a question about compensation and benefits. Find a person at your internship site who is doing a job you think you might consider in the future and make an appointment with the person. Tell him or her you would like to schedule 10-15 minutes for an interview about job satisfaction. Be prepared to share what you learn with the class in an interesting way.
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Completion of one of the assignments


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