Internship // During the Internship- Job Satisfaction
We CAN Get Satisfaction

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  • What do you find satisfying about your internship job so far? Why?
  • In the future, what would make a job satisfying to you? Why? 

In pairs, complete the handout, We CAN Get Satisfaction

Teacher Notes

For the second question (Why?), clarify that you’re not talking about what kind of work they want to do, but about what aspects of a job they think would make them happy – e.g. flexible hours, high pay, good co-workers, helping other people, close to home).

When students get in pairs to fill out the worksheet, allow about ten minutes to make a combined list. Bring interns back together, and on the board write “Job Satisfaction” with two headings: “Internship” and “Future Jobs.” Go around the room and ask each pair to provide an answer to what they find satisfying about their internship jobs, and why. Go around again to record what interns think will satisfy them in their jobs of the future. Tell them not to repeat what someone else has already said.

Assessment Notes

Complete We CAN Get Satisfaction

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