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Dictionary for Success

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This activity will apply Tips for Success into an alphabet for job success that you can refer to.

Teacher Notes

  1. Ask interns to stand and form a circle, leaving space in the center.

  2. Pass around a hat or basket containing the Tips for Success cut into strips (to be done prior to the activity). Each intern takes one. Keep passing the hat and have students take a second slip until they are all gone.

  3. Give the interns a few minutes to read and note the first letter of each bold underlined word on their slips of paper.

  4. Tell interns you are going to call out each letter of the alphabet, starting with A, and then in random order. If they have a bold underlined word beginning with that letter, they should step inside the circle. Give an example: “If I call out and you have a slip that reads, ‘Cooperate with your supervisor and co- workers,’ with ‘cooperate’ underlined and in bold, step forward.”

  5. Ask each intern inside the circle to read aloud the tip on his or her slip for the class. Have students read loudly—with expression!

  6. The key to this activity is to move it along quickly. Treat it like an auction. For example, say: “A! I’ve got a letter A! Who has a tip containing a word that starts with A? Come on! I need one more A!”

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