Internship // During the Internship- Job Satisfaction
Sometimes We "Settle" Activity

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In this activity you will be participating in a group discussion about ways to maximize your job satisfaction.

If a dream job doesn’t turn out as hoped, you don’t have to immediately admit you made a poor choice or quit. There are some useful strategies to make a job better. Turn to the handout, Ten Strategies to Increase Your Job Satisfaction.

Do any of these strategies NOT apply to internships?

Teacher Notes

Tell interns that we all dream about the ideal job in which we're motivated, inspired, respected and well paid. But in reality, there are times when we have to settle for less.

  • You may really like your co-workers, and value the benefits (such as health insurance, vacation days, etc.), but the job is boring.

  • Maybe the job is fascinating, but you don’t agree with how your boss treats people.

Ask interns what they think are the main reasons people are not satisfied with their jobs. Record their answers on the board and supplement with the following reasons, if necessary:

  • conflict with a co-worker

  • conflict with a supervisor

  • not being appropriately paid

  • lack of opportunities for promotion

  • having little or no say in decisions that affect you

  • fear of losing your job

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