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My Values and My Career Reflection

This activity asks students to reflect upon their values and to draft a written reflection describing how understanding those values can help them consider possible career options.

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Part 1:

Review your worksheets and notes from the following lessons about your values:

  • What Matters to Me Survey
  • What Matters to Me Guide
  • Personal Beliefs

As you look over your worksheets and notes, consider which values and beliefs feel most important to you when you think about what future careers you might be interested in.

Part 2:

Write a one-page reflection in which you describe your values and beliefs and how these values might impact career paths you choose to follow. Consider the questions below to guide your reflection - you do not have to answer all the questions, and this should be written as a narrative and not simply a response to questions:

  • Refer to your “Personal Beliefs about Work Self Assessment.” What were the beliefs that you “value very much?” Why are these beliefs important to you?
  • What other values are important to you? How might these values influence a career you choose to pursue?
  • What are your strengths; what are you good at? How might those strengths influence a career you choose to pursue?
  • What are some reasons that people may choose a particular career that ARE NOT true for you? Why?
  • After considering your values, what are some careers you are interested in learning more about?
  • Have you learned anything about yourself that you hadn’t previously considered?
Teacher Notes

Unit Culminating Task Prerequisites: Completion of the following lessons “What Matters to Me Survey;” “What Matters to Me Guide;” and “Personal Beliefs.” Completing the other lessons in this unit (“People Who Love What They Do:” “How Smart Am I Survey;” and “Working Slobs”) as well will help add depth to student reflections.

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