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Career Research

The purpose of this task is for students to synthesize and share accurate career research they have conducted, and to reflect upon the personal relevance of that research.

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You have researched different potential careers. Using your notes from this research you will choose one of the following options for sharing your career research.

Option 1: Choose ONE particular career to analyze and reflect upon the relevance of that career to your personal interests.

Option 2: Choose THREE OR MORE careers to analyze and reflect upon the characteristics of those careers that are most desireable to you.

Whichever option you choose, you must use at least 5 sources. Document all sources in a bibliography or a works cited page which you will submit with one of the following products:

  • Written rationale which addresses the questions below

  • Oral presentation which addresses the questions below

  • Poster which addresses the questions below

Questions for Option 1:

  • Why did you choose this career to research? What specifically interests you about it?

  • What are the steps a person must take to enter this career field?

    • What/how much education is required for this career?

    • Are there special training or certification programs required?

  • What specific skills/knowledge does one need to be successful in this career?

  • What is most excited/interesting about this career?

  • What seems most challenging or unappealing about this career?

  • Which sources were particularly helpful for learning new information about this career?

  • Reflection: Would this be a career you are interested in pursuing?

    • If yes, what steps would you need to take for this to be a realistic option for you?

    • If no, specifically what about this career makes you want to pursue another career field?

Questions for Option 2:

  • Which three (or more) careers did you choose to research?

  • Compare and contrast the following characteristics for the selected careers:

    • Level of education required

    • Income/salary range

    • Work environment (Where/how is time spent daily?)

  • What characteristics of these careers are most interesting or appealing to you (be specific about which career a particular characteristic comes from)?

  • What characteristics of these careers are least appealing (again, specify which career)?

  • What sources were particularly helpful when researching these careers?

  • What questions are important for you to ask when learning about a particular career?

  • Reflection: Are you interested in pursuing any of these careers? Why/why not?

Teacher Notes

Unit Culminating Task Prerequisites: Prior to this lesson, students need to complete career research. Completion of the “Using the Internet for Research” lesson will help students navigate the internet for their career research and with citation of sources. Completion of “Day in the Life - Industry Specific;” “Day in the Life - Careers of Interest;” or “Road Trip Nation Stories” may be useful for student research into particular careers.

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