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Career Exploration Visit Reflective Essay
The purpose of this lesson is to do final preparations for a reflective essay in which students describe their impressions and what they learned during the Career Exploration Visit.

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Use your Career Exploration Visit handouts and notes to write a reflective essay about your visit.  

Your essay should include:

  • Why do a Career Exploration Visit?
  • What did you learn through your research of the organization?
  • What skills did you predict you would see in the workplace?
  • What skills did you observe or hear about during the visit?
  • How did your perspective about school and/or life change as a result of the visit?
  • What new learning goals have you set for yourself as a result of the visit?  How will you meet these learning goals?
  • What conclusions have you made about workplace based on your visit?
Teacher Notes

This task should be given after students have completed the following lessons in the Career Exploration Visits unit and have participated in a Career Exploration Visit to a workplace: Lessons: Why Do Career Exploration Visits, Researching the Organization, Making Predictions, Skills for Success Observed, Checking Predictions

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Skills for Success Observed

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Checking Predictions

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Career Exploration Visit Feedback Form

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